What exactly was the "Incident?"

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In October of 1995, Rick Williams, a professor of parapsychology from a northern California university, brought five students with him for a typical weekend expedition to investigate a reported haunted house, located north of the San Francisco bay area in the small town of Petaluma.

The house was scheduled for demolition by a corporation that was in the process of closing a deal to purchase the prime real estate historically known as "Haystack Landing," located in the southwestern end of town.

The actual onsite investigation by this group began several hours behind schedule due to one of the students being late to the motel meeting site. Then, shortly after beginning the investigation on-site, student Chad Grochowski was sent back to the motel by Professor Williams, due to the need for additional lighting and power sources.

When Mr. Grochowski returned to the site, almost ninety minutes later, he could not have in any way been prepared for what he was about to discover.

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Department brought in their Special Investigations Division to thoroughly analyze the crime scene and assess the true nature of what these researchers really encountered that evening.

After several years of forensic analysis and investigation, no definitive conclusions have ever been made surrounding the events that took place late that evening.



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