The six researchers
involved in this
horrific event were:

PROFESSOR RICK WILLIAMS- Been on over 300 haunting investigations; a Professor of Para-psychology for over 10 years. Recieved his MA in Anthropology from Duke University, and a BA in Sociology from UCLA. Has a wife and young son.


PHIL MANNLE- Graduated previous year, but still goes along on investigations as a veteran, primarily for the fun of it. Been on over 40 investigations with Professor Williams.

CHAD GROCHOWSKI- Also graduated the previous year and got involved with Professor Williams because of his involvement with the audio/video department of the university and his expertise in that area.

CYNTHIYA EATON- Senior year in college, Psychology major. Been on ten investigations with Professor Williams.

SANDY ROCKFORD- Freshman year in college, major undecided. Took Professor Williams' parapsychology class because she thought it would be an easy class.


ERIC DUNNING- Freshman year in college, Philosophy major. Recently relocated to California from Atlanta, Georgia. Took the Parapsychology course because of his fascination with belief systems and human behavior.

COURTNEY BINDEL- Freshman year in college, Art major. Took the Parapsychology Course to fulfill a course requirement and because of her past unusual experiences.